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Safety/Visitor Policy

HGCS takes the safety and supervision of our students very seriously. We have police officers on site to patrol the hallways and parking lots to provide adequate security for the children, as well as the school and church staff. We also coordinate off-duty police officers for all school and church events.

The school practices fire, tornado, and critical incident drills on a regular basis. Each classroom has assigned locations for fire and tornado drills.

There is also a new visitor policy for the school. Parents must get a pass from the main lobby before going to the elementary, middle, or high school offices. We also no longer allow students from other high schools to visit our students during school hours. If a student is not a graduate of HGCS, he/she is not permitted on campus during school hours. Only parents and HGCS graduates are allowed to visit students during the school day.


All visitors must check in with LobbyGuard at the HGBC Guest Services desk. At that time, visitors will be given a pass to the appropriate school office (elementary, middle, or high schools) where they must also check in and obtain a yellow visitor's pass to be placed on their LobbyGuard campus pass. Only parents of our current students, adults and siblings on the student’s information form, and graduates of HGCS are allowed to visit. All visiting alumni and parents must abide by our dress code while on campus. We make no exceptions or apologies regarding this policy and the safety of our students and staff.


On occasion, there may be some custody situations about which HGCS is not aware. Legally, HGCS cannot keep another parent from coming to visit his/her child at school. If there is a custody issue with an ex-spouse, HGCS must have a current court order signed by a judge or magistrate on file so that HGCS can help protect each child. If this situation is a concern to you, please send in the necessary paperwork to the school office and to your child's principal as soon as possible. HGCS requests parents not to involve teachers and staff in the litigation process.


We, at HGCS take child abuse allegations very seriously. It is our obligation by NC law to investigate and report any suspected child abuse or neglect.

NC law states:

Article 29.
Protective Provisions and Maintenance of Student Records.
- 115C-400. School personnel to report child abuse.
Any person who has cause to suspect child abuse or neglect has a duty to report the case of the child to the Director of Social Services of the county, as provided in Article 3 of Chapter 7B of the General Statutes. (1981, c. 423, s. 1; 1998-202, s. 13(bb).)