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It is our joy to partner with Hickory Grove students and families from freshman to senior year. Our desire is to build supportive relationships while providing opportunities for academic planning and college and career preparation. Every interaction with our students allows us to demonstrate the love of Christ and to point them to Gospel truths whether we are offering academic, emotional, or social support. We approach guidance through a biblical worldview lens, posing thoughtful questions which guide our students to think deeply about their choices, as well as their academic and spiritual goals.

Students are provided with excellent resources and experiences related to their education and college and career planning. Guidance Lunches, guidance sessions during Parent Nights, and one-on-one meetings are just a few of the ways we equip our students with what they need to be successful at Hickory Grove and beyond. Additionally, we focus on meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of our students by seeking to know and understand them on a personal level, recognizing individual needs and advocating for them when appropriate. 

Latest News

    Class of 2023

    Abby Sampson



    Lillie Hughes

    Biomedical Sciences

    Olivia Church

    Animal Sciences
    with a concentration
    in Veterinary Bioscience

    Jordyn Phillips

    Political Science and Intelligence Studies

    Breanna Sarmu


    Cameron Fisher


    Taryn Baucom

    Health Systems Management

    Courtney Singleton

    Sports Medicine

    Ella Thomas