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Student Center for Advancement

Our educational philosophy is centered in honoring Christ and embracing the diversity in each of our learners. It is our privilege to create a learning environment that supports academically gifted students alongside students who require specialized academic support to learn optimally. 

This is accomplished through our Student Center for Advancement (SCA), which supports students in grades K-12 with documented learning differences. SCA teachers are equipped with specialized training to support students toward achieving their academic potentials. In conjunction with supporting students, SCA teachers work with our general education teachers to develop strategies for serving SCA students in the classroom.

With the goal of serving the unique needs of each student, SCA teachers are intentional about partnering with families. As parents begin the admissions process, they are encouraged to provide any documents that describe their students’ learning needs or diagnoses that may impact learning. All students who enroll with a Section 504 Plan, an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or an academic accommodations plan from a previous school are enrolled under the umbrella of SCA. We provide a range of fee-based services to address the needs of our learners.  

Currently, our specialization does not extend to providing emotional and behavior interventions, as our staff is best equipped to provide academic interventions. We assist families in connecting with educational testing providers, as needed. Additionally, we provide direction for parents in navigating the public school district to request educational evaluation services that may be available to their students as authorized by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  

Ultimately our mission is to serve our students by creating access to a holistic educational experience that supports the development and full expression of their God-given talents academically, socially and spiritually.