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Performing Arts


Hickory Grove’s Performing Arts Program is structured to identify student talents, encourage new skills, and nurture skills in a way that glorifies God. The arts are combined with a Biblical worldview to help students understand who they are, who God is, and their purpose in life.

The scaffolding between schools is one of the cornerstones of the program: by encouraging fourth and fifth grade students to participate in performances in Christmas Chapel and school-wide musicals, teachers lay the foundation for theatre, musical theatre, and choir in middle school. In middle school theatre and musical theatre, students may audition for a school-wide musical, Christmas Chapel, and Winter or Spring Performing Arts Concert. Theatre classes in middle school thus prepares students for advanced theatre classes in high school and a stronger skill set for presentations in all classes.


The elementary curriculum incorporates the National Standards for Music Education, emphasizing the fundamentals of music and skills.1) Students learn to sing and play rhythm and Orff instruments using a varied repertoire. (2) Beginning in fourth grade, students learn foundational skills to play the recorder. (3) Students learn to create their own patterns and melodies as well as read and notate music. (4) Students listen and respond to music and explore the relationships between music as it relates to science, math, language arts, and technology as well as history and culture from a Biblical worldview perspective. 




The middle school curriculum consists of hands-on learning on a biweekly basis, with band, choir, and musical theatre as electives. 

In band, sixth grade students may choose to begin learning and playing an instrument. Seventh and eighth grade students are then encouraged to continue their instrument. The two levels of beginning and intermediate band allows students to fill in learning gaps or to advance. 

Middle school students may also participate in choir class beginning at any point in their middle school journey. 

Middle school theatre focuses upon stage presence, confidence, clear speech, and a basic understanding of backstage elements. Musical Theatre focuses primarily upon performance incorporating acting and singing as well as uniquely encouraging kinesthetic learning through the use of dance. 

In addition, middle school students have opportunities to perform at ACSI band festivals (having earned superior ratings in the past), HG Christmas Chapel, and various venues outside of school and church.



High school performing arts classes are semester long and move at an advanced pace and incorporate complex ideas in the various genres. Students are expected to perform, analyze and create music, and dance. The classes are hands-on in nature; however, students are encouraged to analyze the background and motivations of the chosen works of art. 

High school students participate in musicals, chapels, ACSI festivals, and at various outside venues. Students can also qualify for induction into TRI -M music honor society and Thespian Theatre Honors society.