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Hickory Grove Christian School Expected Student Outcomes


As a school, we desire that all students are pointed to the ultimate fulfillment of the Gospel in the person and work of Christ. The reason we are called to live in a particular fashion is based upon the perfect life of Christ. In our classes, when we teach worldviews and apologetics, we do not simply dismantle worldviews, but from the rubble of that cognitive tower, build the proper worldview based on scripture's truths. 

We believe that each student is created in God's image and possesses unique physical, mental, social, and academic needs. It is our hope that we are building disciples of Christ that will take the torch of learning that they have received and pass it on to society and to the next generation. There is never a guarantee that the result that we are looking for is the result that we will get, but having the result in mind will guide us toward the result we hope to achieve. HGCS will follow a process that prepares students to be disciples of Christ spiritually, academically, socially, physically, mentally as they develop the skills to communicate these principles to a world that is broken but is not void of hope. They are prepared and focused on living out their lives to do the following now and after they graduate from HGCS.

That are four domains that we hope to build in our students.

  • Spiritual (Be Committed)
  • Social/Relational (Be Connected)
  • Mental/Physical (Be Balanced)
  • Academic (Be Wise)