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Support HGCS

Hickory Grove Christian School has been committed to educating and training students for over 25 years. We believe we are a family, a family faithful in our mission of knowing Christ and making him known through Christian Education. To accomplish these goals, we must work together as a family, united in the giving of our time, talents, and resources. 

It is with the help of our families, alumni, staff, and community that we build not only the physical infrastructures of school and our educational programs but more importantly become the light to others God has called us to be. 

The combination of hard work, financial resources, and constant prayer of our HG family has allowed us just in the last few years (even in the midst of a global pandemic) to upgrade our technology, science labs, and Arts programs.

With the awesome efforts of our AAA Booster Club and yearly fundraisers, we have expanded our missional aquaponics lab,  built a STEM lab, improved our baseball field, bought new bleachers for our gym and stadium as well as playground equipment, musical equipment, wireless mics, and interactive whiteboards.

You have the opportunity to invest in our school and the lives of others -- today and for generations to come.  Please explore the many ways you can support our school.