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HGCS Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Hickory Grove Christian School (the “Advisory Board”) shall serve as an advisory committee to Hickory Grove Christian School and to the Senior Pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church.  The Advisory Board’s purpose is to regularly engage in a holistic review of the vision and values of Hickory Grove Christian School in order to ensure that such vision and values at all times remain consistent with and in furtherance of Hickory Grove Christian School’s Mission Statement.

HGCS Advisory Board Members

Khanspasha Feaster, Chairman
Clint Pressley
Kyle Scarlett
Tiffany Morrison
Dr. Kyler Smith
Richard Jennings
Carey Moreno

Clint Pressley, Kyle Scarlett, Tiffany Morrision, Khanspasha Feaster, Dr. Jimmie Quesinberry, Dr. Kyler Smith, Steve Adams, and Richard Jennings. Not pictured: Carey Moreno