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Welcome from the Head of School

Dr. Jimmie Quesinberry
Head of School

Welcome to Hickory Grove Christian School! The ongoing attributes of your child’s story are just beginning. Your children are building their identity, and we desire that they appreciate the new direction that starts as a student of the HGCS family, a Christian family. This year is critical for your child as we will boldly explore the concept of identity. Exploring our identity challenges all of us with the big questions of life. Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my destiny? Answering these questions from a biblical worldview brings eternal peace and joy and becomes the focus of the spiritual direction of our school.

We believe that the answers to the big questions come from understanding a biblical worldview. However, as students form their identities, we will challenge them to critically examine possible solutions to make informed conclusions about their destiny. A biblical worldview is the only one that ultimately places supreme value upon your child as image bearers of Christ. That is the first step in reorienting our focus for properly considering Scripture as our guide.

HGCS will do all it can to enable students, staff, and parents to perceive and understand reality through a biblical worldview instead of the alternative worldviews that provide more questions than answers. Last year, we completed our second year with the faculty as a Colson Center Academic Affiliate. This program has allowed our staff to immerse students into scripture rather than simply integrating a few biblical concepts into their lessons. Still, more importantly, our students became the first and only students to participate in the same comprehensive, biblical worldview training program through the same organization. We desire that they project to the world as image bearers of the Lord both now and when they graduate from HGCS. In the end, it is our prayer that they will confidently say, “I identify with Christ!”

Academics, athletics, and arts are essential to the fabric of our school. While we value their worldly success, more importantly, we challenge students to live out their faith in the spirit of performance and competition while providing the opportunity to use their gifts as a platform to share their faith with others. We believe that they should share what they consume. Our mission is to make known these truths to others that do not hold to our belief system.

HGCS endeavors to honor our Lord by offering a comprehensive program that meets our spiritual goals while not compromising the rigorous academic program, the celebrated athletic program, and the stunning art program on display here. The finished product, the students we serve, repeatedly demonstrate that we have consistently met those goals. Our target? We aim for students to be committed to the Lord, connected to others, balanced in all walks of life, and wise to make sound judgments of the problems that they will face. We provide ALL students a rigorous education that prepares them for life while exposing them to a gospel-centered education.

Missionally, we have steered HGCS to be a school that lives “on mission” by exalting Christ in all that we do, whether through chapel services, day-to-day discussions in our classrooms, or rigorous Bible education. This integration of faith and learning, focusing on a biblical worldview, demonstrates that we are genuinely different-indeed; we are an authentic, gospel-centered institution.

We sincerely appreciate your desire to choose HGCS and its rich history since 1995 for your child’s education. It is an honor to partner with you on this journey!

In His Service,
Jimmie Quesinberry, Ed.D.
Head of School