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Hickory Grove Christian School endeavors to honor our Lord by offering a comprehensive program that meets our spiritual goals while not compromising the rigorous academic program, the celebrated athletic program, and the stunning art program on display here.

The finished product, the students that we serve, has demonstrated over and over that we have met those goals consistently. We provide ALL students a rigorous education that prepares them for life while exposing them to a gospel-centered education for the duration of their time at HGCS. Our students are challenged to live out their faith in the spirit of performance and competition while providing the opportunity to use their gifts as a platform to share their faith with others. 

The school embodies its purpose by offering programs that emphasize and promote spiritual growth among all our students. Bible classes are required at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Monthly chapels are set aside for a time of worship and biblical teaching. Discipleship groups are offered to students in small group settings allowing for a more personal time of spiritual development. Lastly, we promote a spirit of service by offering many opportunities to our students to give of themselves. 

The school also illustrates its purpose by offering academic programs, such as Reader’s and Writer's Workshop and language immersion, that both challenge and equip our students. Honors level courses begin in middle school and continue throughout high school. Additionally, the high school offers 17 Advanced Placement courses, including the prestigious AP Capstone Program.

All stakeholders strongly believe that maintaining high expectations in the areas of spiritual development, academic success, and serving others will equip students to serve God in the 21st century. 


The vision of Hickory Grove Christian School is “to know Christ and to make Him known through Christian education.” There are three parts to this vision. First, the cornerstone is the inward knowledge and belief in Christ. Second, once we are believers, our actions turn to an outward focus of sharing Christ with the world. Thirdly, Christian education is the avenue by which the students are immersed in the Biblical worldview. This vision is actively supported and lived out each day by our staff, students, and parents through classroom instruction, extra curricular activities, and various other supportive programs. 


Our mission defines our purpose at HGCS and directs the pathway for student learning. By immersing students in this vision and mission, we believe that the foundation is laid for students to be transformed into students that are committed to the truths of Scripture, to fulfilling the Great Commission;  connected upwardly to God, outwardly to neighbor and community, and inwardly to self; balanced which centers on being healthy physically and mentally; and wise which centers on “learning how to live well as a human being” by knowing how to make good decisions as we enter into the world. 

Typifying our commitment and connection to others, we have developed formal and informal partnerships centered around aquaponics through the Food Pantry here at HGBC and with people internationally in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, and Kenya. In addition, we have developed long-term relationships with students from the Bahamas, Bosnia, China, Congo, El Salvador, Germany, Herzegovina, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, South Africa, South Korea, and Vietnam. 

We seek for HGCS to be a school that lives "on mission" by exalting Christ in all that we do, whether through our Chapel services, day-to-day discussions in our classrooms, or rigorous Bible education. This missional philosophy focusing on a Biblical worldview has been accomplished while demonstrating that we are genuinely different; we are indeed an authentic, Gospel-centered institution.