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Student Center for Advancement: Click below for additional fees for academic services supporting students with learning disabilities.

SCA Fees


Senior Class Exit Process:

During the month of May, all seniors and their parents are encouraged to verify that all school accounts have been paid to date, including FACTS, lunch account, graduation fees, and athletic fees. Prior to graduation make sure that all library books and classroom textbooks have been returned. Seniors will not be permitted to participate in senior graduation activities/ceremonies until cleared by the finance department.


Each child is considered enrolled for the entire school year unless the admissions office receives his/her written withdrawal notice (form can be found in FACTS Family portal)  minimum of two weeks prior to withdrawal. 

Student Withdrawals Due to Delinquent Payments:

If a student is withdrawn from HGCS due to financial delinquency, all grades, test scores, report cards, transcripts, and cumulative records will be held until the account has been paid and cleared by the finance department.

Year - End Delinquencies:

If a delinquency occurs at year-end, the student will not be allowed to re-enroll for the following school year.

Student Records:

Student recommendations, records, transcripts, etc., will not be released during the year or at year end unless all financial accounts are current and cleared by the finance department.